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Environmental Problems in Guangdong

Environment problems persist on regular day to day basis to a number of countries making them a global issue that should be not be taken for granted. China has many problems with pollution and Guangdong is no different. Let us look at the environmental problems in Guangdong a huge number of people are facing.

People often associate air pollution problems in China, mostly notably Guangdong. Its growing pollution problems has been attributed to manufacturing industries as well as Beijing’s 5 million-plus cars which lead to the city’s crippling air pollution. The coal-burning electrical plants have also been one of the factors blamed by most experts which lead to China’s present situation. As a result, the country now burns 47 percent of the world’s coal which is about equal to the amount used by all other countries of the world joined together. Furthermore, a vast network of coal-burning power plants is what surrounds Beijing today.

It should be noted that air pollution is not the only prevalent environmental problem in Guangdong. In a southern Guangdong province at Shangba, the city has a river that flows through town changes from white to a startling shade of orange and this is because of the varying types of industrial effluent that affects the water. The likes of cadmium and zinc are included in the list and many of the rivers have been contaminated with such.

It is indeed a cause for concern especially since these elements are known to cause cancer. Furthermore, a number of some citizens stated that you’ll get rashes and a terrible itch the moment you immerse your leg in the water. Not only that local poultry and produce have also been greatly affected with the contaminated river resulting to a number of reported deaths from fish to ducks.

The environmental problems in Guangdong are not considered to be a lost cause however, there are a lot of factors that need to be considered as well as implemented to help improve the overall quality of the environment. One of it is finding timely and efficient waste management solutions to help reduce the production of these types of waste. When less waste is produced, environmental problems become less of an issue. It is good to hear that there are a number of companies today that are working hand in hand with waste management agencies to come up with an effective solution to their waste problems and woes.

The community however, also plays an important role in helping solve the environmental problems Guangdong is facing. They themselves need to practice effective waste management solutions to their respective homes. Another activity they can engaged in is to help spread the much needed awareness about waste management with their family, relatives and to the community as a whole. With the help of modern age and technology, it is relatively much easier to share such topics and news especially with the help of social media. Take part in helping improve the quality of life in Guangdong by sharing these topics today.