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Chinese Children’s Dentistry Shows The Gentler Side of the Industry

Chinese Children’s Dentistry

Dentists are infamous for their high rates of suicide and high charges. Ordinary Australians often struggle to understand why teeth are not considered to be a part of the human body and, thus, covered by Medicare. Everything about dentistry appears to be sharp and painful, from the high-powered electric drill to the surgical instruments. In marked contrast to this, Chinese children’s dentistry shows the gentler side of the industry. Procedures like dental crowns and bridges come later in life. Plus, some dentists in some states treat children for free and they ensure that pain relief is paramount for Chinese kiddies.

Even Dentists Have Children & I Hope They Love Their Children Too

Even dentists have children and I hope they love their children too (with apologies to Sting). Perhaps, their children will grow up to wield the scraper and the drill too. It is a lucrative profession, here in Australia, with many dentists earning in excess of $200K per annum. For those of us eking out subsistence-level renumeration that appears to be a lot of money. Of course, it is not all beer and skittles for dentists, as seen by their proclivity for ending their own existence. However, Chinese children’s dentistry shows the gentler side of the industry. Here their concern for the welfare of the child during procedures is admirable.

Not All Children Can Access Such Opportunities

With children’s entertainment promoted online things could not be rosier for kiddies in this particular sector. However, not all children are able to access such fortunate opportunities. There are always those within our community who are left behind due to economic circumstances and unforgiving governments. Wealthy dentists displaying the gentler side of their profession is only a small step in the right direction, when it comes to equality and a fairer society for all.

Do dentists struggle with their humanity, when it comes to looking after the nation’s oral hygiene? Is this the real reason behind high levels of suicide relative to the general population? Is this why children’s dentistry shows the gentler side of the industry? Perhaps Chinese dentists in Australia cannot cleanse the bitter aftertaste of inequality, even with the assistance of gargling peroxide solution? Children are our future and we must ensure that we do not produce a divided community of haves and have nots here in Australia. Looking after the teeth of young Australians will help create a fairer and more compassionate society.