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China: A Country of Icons

China is a country known for its power and reach. It is not surprising to see their products arrive overseas making them relatively easy to acquire today. Some countries today even have their very own little Chinatown which is considered to be a name described for an urban region that contains a large population of Chinese people or a large number of Chinese businesses within a non-Chinese society. This is where people will be able to find their fair share products in the local community. People often identify China with the country’s icons. Let us look at some of them below and see how far they have come.

People will not be finding any shortage of icons that helps symbolize and represent the country. Icons such as the Chinese national flag, the Great Wall of China, the entombed warriors & others symbols of China are used often making them very much recognizable to a huge number of individuals in the present. Are these icons, and their representations, promotional products for China?

Well before we answer the question, it should be noted that each and every one of these icons has its own meaning behind them. For instance, the Chinese Dragon icon is the symbol of China’s feudal monarchy. What it represents is the emperor’s power during the years of China’s feudal system while at the same time is also sign of auspiciousness and wealth among the people. On the other hand, the Giant Panda is considered to be the national animal of China. A native to central and southern China, the giant pandas are known its large, distinctive black patches around the eyes, ears and on its rotund body. It is popular to both children and adults making it a famous icon of the country.

Another popular icon is the China’s national flag itself. Adopted in 1949, the Flags of People’s Republic of China is known for its red and yellow colors. The spirit of the revolution symbolizes the red color while the unity of the people of China under the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party is what the five stars signify.

China has a number of monuments and structures but not as iconic as The Great Wall of China which is considered to be the pride of the Chinese people. Known as the world’s longest man-made structure, the Great Wall was built between 5th and 17th century BC in an effort to protect the northern borders of the Chinese Empire during the rule of successive dynasties. Due to its huge popularity, many are even saying that you can see the Great Wall of China in space. Regardless if this is true or not, this fine structure is indeed worthy of the praise it has been receiving even today.

China’s icon also stretches with their national costume or dress. Cheongsam is what Chinese often wears while on the other hand, the females wear Qipao. The nation’s geographical, cultural and political identity is expressed with these National costumes that are made popular today.

To answer the question earlier, yes companies can use these icons and their representations as promotional products in for China. As long as the items that are being sold will not tarnish the good reputation of the country or perhaps provide a negative feedback.

Ten Things To Do In Canton Province

A visit to a new location is always exciting. Seeing new vista and tourist attractions can be somewhat of an exhilarating experience and the same can also be said when trying out their specialty foods and other related delicacies. If you are heading over the Canton province for a visit, here are ten things you should not miss which can be found in Chinese travel groups today.

  1. The Pedestrian Street of Shangxiajiu

Considered to be as one of the busiest commercial pedestrian streets in China, the pedestrial street of Shangxiajiu in Liwan District, Guangzhou is 1,218-meter-long street is lined with more than 300 shops. Here, tourists will find a variety of restaurants and food stores having a combination of traditional and modern food as well as Chinese and foreign food.

  1. The Ancestral Hall of the Chen Clan

Famous for its ornate decoration which is presented inside and outside the halls, the Chen clan ancestral hall is home to the Guangdong Folk Art. Tourists will be able to find trove of Chinese folk arts including large collections of wood carving, stone carving, brick carving, pottery, plaster and iron engraving are seen on the walls, beams, columns, ridges  that are available for viewing

  1. The Pearl River

The Pearl River stands out during the evening when the lighting starts providing a breathtaking night view of the city for good enjoyment. Furthermore, the blaze of neon lights will reflect on the river which makes it great for evening boat tour or perhaps a cruise ride.

  1. Yuexiu Park

Known as the largest park in the city, its beautiful scenery and its large number of historical relics is what makes this park famous for. This includes the Five-Ram Sculpture, Zhenhai Tower, the site of the Ming Dynasty City Wall, as well as the Square Cannon Site.

  1. Sacred Heart Cathedral

The Sacred Heart Cathedral provides tourists rich culture and history with it being one of the oldest churches in Guangzhou and the largest of its kind in Southern China. You will find the cathedral on the north bank of the Pearl River.

  1. Nanyue King’s Tomb Museum

The Western Han Nanyue King’s Tomb Museum is highly recognized for its elegant Han Dynasty architecture while at the same time showcases Guangzhou’s near 2,000-year of rich history. Visitors will find that the tomb is made up of 750 huge stones with colorful murals and is hidden 20 meters (65.6 feet) underground.

  1. Shamian Island

Dotted with various historical buildings, the Shamian Island is a sandbank island in Liwan District, Guangzhou. Tourists often go to this place to experience its European-style architecture.

  1. Bright Filial Piety Temple

Considered to be the oldest and largest Buddhist temple in the Lingnan Area, the Bright Filial Piety Temple stands tall at Guangxiao Lu. Many famous Buddhist monks came here to preach religious doctrines, bringing glory to this temple making it hold a special place in Buddhist history

  1. Qingping Market

Tourists will be able to find a wide variety of Agricultural Complementary Products, Chinese Herbal Medicines as well as Aquatic Products making them a great place to visit for souvenirs.

  1. Guangzhou Ocean World

Guangzhou Ocean World is home to more than 200 kinds of fish and many other rare ocean creatures which are showcased in a high-tech exhibition hall for sightseeing, entertainment, research and education purposes.